The ducks have arrived!!


Those on my Facebook had already seen my post yesterday, but today I wanted to share with you the shipment I got in yesterday.

And yes, there were ducks. Bronze toned Metal Alloy Ducks, I also received the chain I had been hoping would arrive soon. At the moment only one shipment left to go, unless my hobby funds somehow get replenished.

P5010005 In the meantime, here are the wonderful ducks, they are about 1 1/2 cm in diameter and have the same design on both sides.



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A Paris Inspired Design.


This design developed itself, I was practicing on the smaller glass seed beads, then added them to a smaller chain. I continued this pattern to create a necklace.

The Eiffel Tower charm had been sitting on the desk and I knew somehow I wanted to incorporate it into this piece. After completing the usual necklace, I used a bit of chain to attach it to the jump rings on the beads, so it would dangle a bit below.

P4280001 (503x640) The chain is a antique bronze tone, and the metal is about 3mm wide. The finished product had motivated me to create a matching set of earrings.






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My First Attempt.


I would like to first inform you that the horn comment worked with the postal worker, she honked and I jumped and got my package!

Designs By NightwynAlright, today I received some glass seed beads.



Designs By NightwynThe spacer beads, 8mm glass beads, so I jumped right in and attempted my first piece..



I had chosen a clear 8mm bead and a pink/blue glass bead that had caught my eye. I placed on silver spacer bead between them to look like this. Then, I decided on a silver chain.


Designs By Nightwyn

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Neither snow nor rain…


N either snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Unless it requires a USPS worker to get out of their truck to knock on your door, then that’s a deal breaker. Even if its sunny.

uspsd-1Help me raise awareness to this practice by passing along this photo on social media.

You can also find it on my Facebook page here.

That’s right, it has happened yet again. *sigh*



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Not on this character…


Today has been a rather long day for me. This morning a pipe under the sink decided to come loose and fight every attempt to fix it. While running back and forth turning the water on to check yet again if all the places came loose were tightened or covered, I did manage to meet up with the postal lady.

Which brings me back to “Looky what I got today!” For those of you just joining, or to those who are the random passing reader, I have been updating my readers on my latest hobby craze… Jewelcrafting.. And no, I don’t mean on my World of Warcraft Character.

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